All Things Azeroth #9 – Going for Days upon days

Reaction to episode 8 abounds, a review of Day of the Dragons, Lots of Lore, and much, much more!
-Book Review: Day of the Dragon by Richard Knaak (buy at Amazon) part of the Warcraft Archive
-Feedback (after the jump)
-Instance Lore: The Deadmines, controlled by the Defias Brotherhood
-Group Lore: Scarlet Crusade

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Dangfriggit writes:
Hello Medros
My name is Dangfriggit, Robert IRL, and I listen to your podcast All things Azeroth. You asked for some feedback about the upcoming Caverns of Time instance Old Stratholme, so here goes.
Firstly I am not a roleplayer. I play on a standard PVE server. But because I roleplayed alot in D and D a long time ago I can sympathize with your refusal to enter and participate in Old Stratholme, but I don’t fully understand it.
Why wouldn’t anyone who roleplays a character not enter the caverns of time? I feel the chance for a character to gain true insight as to what actually happened in a historic point in Azeroths’ history would be hard to resist.
In caverns of time we all took the guided tour around the cavern itself. We were told by our guide about what is actually happening there. Time itself is under attack. Time as we know it may be in danger. After the tour we are given our first quest to enter the portal and help out Thrall in historic Durnholde. After Durnholde we head to the Black Morass.
OK, put yourself in your characters mind. You have journeyed into the caverns of time. What do you see? A giant hourglass, a dragon, numerous portals into the past, historic items from time itself. How in the world could you resist?
Do we always take lore passed down to us as truth? History is usually one sided. Wouldn’t you want to know the truth? Wouldn’t you think for a second that you could be a true hero and change time itself to your version of what should have been, be it good or bad? As a adventurer I don’t think any roleplayer could argue. This is the time and the place to be. This is a place where I can learn.
The Cavern of time offer us all the chance to live history, to find truth. Exposure to the timelines enriches our beings. It enlightens us to the strengths and faults of our heroes, idols, or gods. And although we may not be able to change it I believe the call cannot be ignored.
In Old Stratholme Arthas believes that what he was doing is right. Uther and Jaina abandoned him because they thought he was insane. Arthas becomes The Lich King. So it is written, so it was done. If I were roleplaying my “holy” priest I would have been skeptical about the history, and would have felt I had to try and save Arthas from himself. I would try to undo the past to prevent the future. I would try to be heroic and do the right thing. I would do the same thing on my ” holy”Paladin. My characters I play, would find it hard to resist the temptation to try and save Arthas. So in turn I take my toons into the Caverns of Time instances.
In conclusion, I think you should take your toon into the Caverns of Time. Have him find out for himself that he can or cannot change time for good or for bad. No doubt about it, entering the Caverns of Time allows one to enjoy some meat after a plate full of potatoes.
Thanks for reading.

Colin Shock writes:
Dear Medros,
First off I would just like to say I’m a fan of the show. I respect that you put the time and money it to this, and I think I’m a better WoW player for it. So, scene I like the show, I would like to make a few suggestions to make it better. I don’t claim to know this will work, and I really don’t want to tell you what to do, but its just a friendly suggestion about something I would like to see in your podcast. I know that makes me a selfish jerk, but hey, gotta try.
Now, you probably hear this a lot, but I thing the show would be a little better if you didn’t complain so much. Lets look at you last show for instance:
PayPal as a payment option 3 years late(r)-You complain that it took so long for paypal to get hear
Itemization for Paladins and other Hybrids-You complain that one spec of the Paladin class is getting more attention.
More War in Warcraft-You complain that PvPers hunger to much for blood, and they called you a “care bear”.
Loyalty, Loot, and Laziness-And you complained about people giving up their clan for better stuff.
All of these are valid points, and you shows good for them, but this trend of negativity is a little, well, depressing. Its almost like your giving the impression that the entire game is a peace of bad software. Well, we all know that thats not true, but maybe you should tone it up a bit. For example, you commented that other MMOs can’t even compare to WoW, and they are just fooling them selves. Well, maybe you could continue on that same trend and talk about voice chat for 2.2, and say that blizzard finally did something good! Positive is, well, positive, and I think your show would benefit.
Next, I think you should get some more input audio wise when it comes to the show. I must say that I liked the show better when Lillia was on. Lots of people putting in some input makes the show better in my opinion. Now I know that this show is yours, after all, but if you want to make it better I say you get lots of people submitting stuff. I saw you got a voice mall, I don’t think I have heard you say anything about the fact you have that available. At the end of every segment on you show, say something about it. Like, “If you want to comment on this issue, call me at ——“. Also, you have the gift of a large clan, ask them for content. I’m sure they would be happy to help.
Now, that Ive got my ranting out of the way, hear are a few things that I would like to hear on the show, just as a fan boy.
Talk about Druids! Tips, hints, quests, how cool they are, anything! My primary is a lvl 29 Druid, so the Class interests me quite greatly. Heck, even the lore is nice. And just out of curiosity, how do you spec your Druid?
Talk about things you would like to see in the game. Not just technical upgrades, but full blown parts of the game. One example would be a battleground based on naval combat. I can see it now, you have people on the cannons, Hunters and Mages launching projectiles of death at each other, and have a Captain driving the boat. Have boarding parties and everything! Another idea would be surfing! Take a ship out to a little island near the maelstrom, pick up a board, and take a ride on one of those massive waves! My point is talk a about things that will never get in the game, but are fun to talk about anyways.
Thats about it, thanks for reading.
For the Alliance!
P.S. My primary’s name is Shmegalboben on Goerfeind

More reaction can be found at the forum post!

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  1. Mark says:

    i just wanted to commend you on an excellent podcast that i have found very useful and informative. We often comment about things we don’t like and take the rest for granted so thank you for taking the time to do your podcast. I especially like the background story that you add as i really haven’t read the books yet and also the comments on upcoming changes for the different classes. I have a mage on Garona. please continue to add info about favorite mods as i find them very useful.

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