Prep ongoing for revamp

I think I have found the trick. I expect tonight to be releasing episode 4 of All Things Azeroth. It’s a short half hour or less episode on the stuff I like and dislike about WoW, though I could have done a whole half hour on the stuff I like if I didn’t set a hard time limit for myself. I am about half done the hard editing now, and only need to finish the edit, about an hour and a half of heads down no interrupt work, and then mix in the music bed and do the tagging. I think it is as much psychological as anything that this half hour episode has taken very little time to edit compared to the hour and a half shows I used to do. 1/3 of a hour and a half show would often take me a week, while this has taken me 2 nights of 45-60 minutes of editing. Look for ep 4 soon.

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