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Ok, I figured that after so many of you are being so patient with me, I would give you an update on what’s going on. First and foremost, I wanted to reassure everyone that Episode 4 has been recorded, with guest host and applicant for permanent status, Apollo IV. The Azerothian Addon segments on the Elf and Dwarf are going awesome, and while their recent show caused me a bit of inconvenience, since they mentioned some planned mods, it is still full steam ahead. If I was only doing a 3 minute show every week, I think I could easily release a weekly show, but then I would make a cheap show for you all. I hope to have the new episode out by the end of the weekend, but time and illness will be the deciding factors there.
As for WoW, my hunter is nearly 63, my Paladin and Druid are progressing nicely, and the word I am getting it that we should have the new 2.1 patch either the 15th or 22nd. I hope to have episode 4 out before it, but I have no control over the patch. The mod pack is pretty successful, with a few hundred downloading it, and while I am not sure how, I would like to find a way to make it smaller than 12 MB. I know what makes it so fracking big, but am not sure I am willing to lose the mods that are the problem. I plan to give mod makers 2 weeks from patch day to update or scrap their mods before I go out and find the good, recommendable mods, and include them. Is MetaMap a big mod for people? Could it be tossed from the mod pack? Email me.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I really hope everything is going to be ok with the podcast…yours is the best to me. Keep em coming!

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