All Things Azeroth #3 – Troll Stew Brewing

Episode 3 is up. Show notes are up! It’s 1h41m, and 71 MB, but we cover the talk of what needed work pre patch PTR and now that we have the run down of PTR 2.1. Enjoy it, let me know what you think, and I will, as I said, have the show notes up soon.

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00:00:08 – The Black Temple Intro
00:02:43 – Sardrissa, guest co-host, introduces herself
00:03:35 – Still taking application, send audition files here.
——-Pre 2.1 PTR Portion——-
00:03:47 – We go over April Fool’s jokes on Tinfoil Hat, Black Temple Attunement guide, Heroes of Azeroth RTS, and a forum reversal.
00:08:28 – Consortium Salary and back pay
00:09:24 – Tigole’s Update from the Front Lines post, and discussion of expansions and content patches
00:16:38Hunter pet abilities upcoming
00:21:46 – We talk about the Lore, and a thread that introduced Sardrissa to the lore a bit.
00:24:52WoW TCG, discussion of the new expansion, the Deckbuilding Guide, and WoW from 1 to 70
00:26:04 – Music Interlude: The Dark Portal from The Burning Crusade Soundtrack
00:28:20 – Mods of the Week: Equip Compare and CT Mod
00:31:27 – Respecs for Sardrissa and I, 31/11/19 for me, and 12/46/3 for Sardrissa. Click the numbers to get calculators of our specs.
00:35:32 – Proof that my editing skills suck, as I accidentally added the same segment twice. Sorry.
00:38:43 – Discussion of the Alchemy Mastery proc debate
00:44:32Discoveries and their rarity
00:48:50 – The 411 on the Riding Crop and the Stylin’ line of hats
00:52:08 – The Gems cheat sheet, Gem List mod, and Gem Helper mod round out the profession discussion
00:54:35 – Music Interlude: Legends of Azeroth, an Exclusive Track from the World of Warcraft Soundtrack
——-Post 2.1 PTR Portion——-
00:57:11 – New segment covering the new 2.1 PTR patch notes and the Undocumented Changes
01:00:33Epic Flight Form for Druids
01:01:18 – Skyguard rep, including the new Nether Ray epic flying mount.
01:02:43 – Daily quests and the pro’s and con’s. Blizz explains their thinking here and here.
01:06:35 – Arena Tournament and limitations on participation. Blizz’s first answer on the topic, a sticky without an answer, and the rules for the tournament.
01:12:20 – Discussion of the post ‘Blizz you should just stick to RTS…‘ from the General forums
01:40:15 – Closing

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