Outlands and Episode 1

I hope you all enjoy our first episode. I definately had a great time recording. Right this moment I am listening to it (Medros does all of the editing, so this is the first time I have heard the finished product.) As I predicted when we recorded that first conversation, I have been spending my time in the expansion split between leveling Lelia and starting my Dranei mage, Zinadia. A little more time has been spent with Lel, rather than with the mage though, I will admit. I have, however, come up with a backstory for my mage and hope to be getting it written out soon.
Heh. As I listen to the first episode, I begin to wonder how many times I can point out that I suck with the technical side of World of Warcraft. I’ll keep count. Twice thus far.
I think my favorite quest so far in Hellfire Peninsula are the fly by bombings. I am an engie to begin with, so right there they are dearer to me than most other quests. Also, I love the fact that you can repeat the last one as many times as you like. Nothing like bombing peons to ease a boring afternoon.
If there is anything you think we should discuss on the show, or anything else you have to say, you can email me here – lelia@allthingsazeroth.com, or you can send me a tell in game, I can always use more people to talk to 😀 These days Lelia and Zinadia will be where I am. On Argent Dawn, of course.
Hmm… Zinadia is calling me… she has some rested bonus to zoom through.
Happy Hunting.

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  1. Xantule says:

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the last show. I really liked the addition of the various music tracks at key points in the cast. I think the music added tremendously to the overall feel of the show. Keep up the good work.
    Xantule – 25 BE Warlock on Jaedenar

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