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While not the release of our first show, there is new audio to be found. As well, we now have the feed details for those looking to subscribe in their podcatcher. Lastly, iTunes support will be coming soon, I just need to get a link from them regarding where we can link to once they approve the application.
First, the audio. Lelia and I have recorded two different bits of audio. The first was a teaser, sort of a leadup to our first show, which should be out a few days before the expansion. It will be primarily a group retrospective of WoW now, as compared to 2 years ago, and where we think it will go from here. We will be recording that early next week, so I will have about 6 days in which I can edit it before the expansion hits. The second audio file we recorded is a promo. I know it’s not so great, but we will work out the kinks, and will eventually record a better one when the quality I expect is reached. The promo is for those who do their own podcast, radio(even WoW Radio) or other promotional avenues. All I ask is if you play it, let me know so I can thank you and link back to your production.
Second, the feed. The feed is now up, since there was not a lot of use in having a feed with no content. The feed, courtesy of FeedBurner, will be the best place to point your favorite podcatcher toward in order to ensure you have the latest and greatest in show content. There will usually be front page posts for the audio, but those may be a day or two in coming, after I have coded the show notes and have the post looking perfect. As I said above, iTunes link support will be coming soon, we just need to get them to add us to their directory.
That’s about it, enjoy the little snippets of content, and I will see you back here in a week or so.

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