Episode 2 – They were Prepared!

The latest episode has finished it’s rigorous editing and quality testing process, and is now ready for public consumption. Included if you choose to continue reading beyond this point, are the show notes, sorted by time stamp of the show. As always, send email, comment, review on iTunes, and let your guildmates, friends, and fellow WoW addicts know about All Things Azeroth.
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0:06:00 – Blizzard Press Release regarding sales record!
0:11:00 – Discussion about server and zone stability once TBC went live
0:12:42World of Campcraft? Or just what happens when 75% of your realm is doing the same as you?
0:18:04 – The threat of Server Splits abound!
0:24:24 – Mods of the Week: Bagnon and Tradesbar – Visit the Hot Mods Page for more.
0:30:38 – Allowing upgrades, or not allowing upgrades, this is the answer!
0:31:52 – Is leveling too easy? What happened to 60-70=1-60? Does it really work when gear varies?
0:41:33 – Cat mounted players, beware!
0:49.13 – Our congrats to the first 70 on the US Realms, Metaphysic of the Afterlife Guild on Cenarius!
0:50:28[Crimson Felt Hat] replaced by a cheap knock off! The New Pimp Hat? I’d pay to make one!
0:52:132.0.6 hits PTR and then live realms within a week
0:57:26Funny stuff seen in Outlands, on Azuremyst Isle, and around Quel’Thalas
1:03:02Shattrath City: Amazing layout, or the universes worse city?
1:05:32 – NPC’s swindling you out of hard earned gold? On this episode of All Things Azeroth!
1:09:07 – We talk ore, and mining, and spawn rates. The debate grows hotter than the Great Forge!
1:15:39 – We compare decks and discuss loot cards.
1:17:13 – Lelia gives a final quote from GameSpy editor Sal ‘Sluggo’ Accardo.
1:18:37Email us: Lelia and Medros, Review in iTunes, and see you in Outlands!

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2 Responses to Episode 2 – They were Prepared!

  1. Tom says:

    I listened to and liked Episode 2. My only comment from a production point of view is I would fade out the music as I began the body of the production. It is too hot and gets in the way of the message……
    Your use of WoW theme music in the opening is effective (cause it’s near to my heart) as is the sound sketch (voices and laughter) just prior to the show. Keep of the good work.

  2. Geek says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for listening, first off. I am trying really hard to make the intro’s for the shows interesting and a little funny. If anyone knows of an MPQ extractor that doesn’t choke on the files over 1 GB that we have in the game now, I would love to hear from you.
    As for your comments, yes, I know. Sadly, I do not have an orchestra here in my apartment who I can tell to peak sooner, and I foolishly wanted to keep that last peak in there. Since it didn’t have it’s desired effect, next time I will just fade to tavern sounds.
    Again, thanks for listening, and please feel free to review us in iTunes. Take care.

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