I’m back baby!

Due to the kindness of a Shadow Walker, my guild in World of Warcraft, I am back in World of Warcraft. The last time I played was the 28th of June, and I must say that taking the break I did has helped, I think. I no longer feel the need to be around and in game all the time. My two main characters are 60, I am happy with my life outside of game, and I am excited about the stuff we have heard so far about the expansion.
My Druid will get to fly, my Paladin will get to be a real tank, taunt and all, if I go that route. There is going to be a lot of new content to explore when the expansion hits, and lots to explore in the world of outlands. From the minimal research I have done, checking fan sites, Google Video and YouTube, it looks awesome. For those who haven’t doing the obcessive research I have, the videos that have popped up online are showing stuff like what one sees upon passing through the dark portal.
This is including an as yet unnamed pit lord, though reportedly not Magtheridon as he should be in Hellfire Citadel having orcs doing naughty things to him, automatically known flight paths to at least one location per faction, and plenty fo shiny new excalamation points for all of us to rush to, undoutedly adding tot he hilarious comics pointing out that some NPCs must be pretty rich with their poor return on quest items.
Another video that has come out has shown the different class looks and body features of the two new races, including facial tentacles for draenei and ears of the blood elves. I am still looking for one comparing the visual effects fo the two elven races, which I know some are curious about and thus will undoubtedly be done in due time.
Another thing I am looking forward to, as a miner, is the Jewelcrafting profession. The word has come down that Jewelcrafting will require the act of prospecting for gems from ores that are mined around the worlds. I have a couple of stacks of the higher end ores already, Dark Iron, Thorium, Trusilver and Mithril, and plan to make a fair number of trips around Elwynn to get Copper, Westfall for tin, and Duskwood for Iron, with Silver and gold mixed liberaly as well.
I also plan to go build up my supply of herbs on Arita, as he will soon, I think, be making som good amount of gold off of the lower level potions and herbs due to the large number of Draenei and the larger availability of auction houses in the Draenei city of Exodar. Hell, I might even make a horde character to go between Booty Bay and Silvermoon.
I am of the confident opinion that the Expansion will be out before November is over, and likely out by the 23rd of November, the 2 year anniversary of the game’s launch, and which will also be the day before black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. That means that, if I am right, we will have the expansion in a month’s time of when I am writing this.
This is an especially good time for me, as I will be having the weekend after that off from work, and can explore outlands and earn XP galore for a good day or two straight. That also means that, if I am right, which I was for the launch of the game, that I, and many of you, have 1 month with which we can enjoy the game as it is. We can use Decursive, we can gain gold for XP(if you are 60) and if not 60, you have 1 month to get as many levels as possible before the world changes dramatically.
As before I left WoW for a time, anyone can find me in WoW on the Argent Dawn server, I will likely be on my Druid, Arita, or my Paladin, Medros, and will be trying to get as prepared fro the expansion as one can get. Add me to friends and toss me a letter in game if you wish, I will do all I can to help any and all friends, known and new.

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