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Medros and Ciarda walk into the Pig and Whistle, her arm in his, and they walk to the front of the table. As they walk the length of the table, the conversation of those in attendance begins to dwindle down, until it is quiet when they arrive at the front of the room. Two chairs are there waiting for them. Medros helps Ciarda onto one of them, her Black Dress looking lovely in the light of the inn, and then he steps up onto the other.
She reaches her hand out, and takes Medros’ hand in hers. He looks to her, and smiles, then turns to the crowd.
“We have an announcement to make.” Medros says loudly to the crowd.
“Medros and I have told you all previously about our engagement. We would like to now invite you all to the wedding.” Ciarda says, as loud as her voice can get.
“This coming Saturday, in a ceremony officiated by Mirrienna and held in the Cathedral of the Light here in Stormwind, Ciarda and I will be wed.” Medros declares, which is followed by applause.
“The ceremony will be a celebration of the alliance, and the Light by which my love follows so devoutly,” Ciarda says when the applause dies down. “Medros’ Best Man will be Master Vandrahga Darksong, master of the Shadow Walkers. My Maiden of honor will be Lady Tiea Windtalker, also of the Shadow Walkers.”
“Following the ceremony, there will be a celebration with another form of light, the light of fireworks and rockets, on the steps of the Cathedral. The procession will continue to the Blue Recluse in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind for the formal reception, followed by drinks here at the Pig and Whistle in Old Town, also in Stormwind.” Medros announces.
“We hope you will all join us in this wondrous and amazing day.” Ciarda says as loud as she can.
Medros steps down, then helps Ciarda down off her chair, as they begin to walk through the crowd to loud cheers and congratulations.
We do hope many, if not all of you can join us for our wedding This coming Saturday, February 18th. We do ask druids to arrive and maintain their natural elven or tauren forms. Also, we ask all hunters to keep their pets stabled. Thank you for your time, and thank you in advance for your attendance.

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