Blizzcon 2013 Trip Donations!

Blizzcon 2013 is announced, and Medros would like to go and promote ATA! In order to make this a reality we are accepting donations to raise money to go to Blizzcon. Any funds raised, after expenses, beyond travel and room costs will go towards promoting ATA and the Dawnforge network at Blizzcon. Below you will find the list of the current item(s) that will be given away to lucky donors who give to my own efforts. View all past winners here.

Round 4 – Signed Mists of Pandaria CE
Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition
0% to goal for this item
($300 goal)

$3 donation gets you an entry in the drawing
Winner: None yet

Donate Here

Please leave your contact info in the notes section (Email and/or Twitter Name).

OPEN TO BOTH NA & EU, though any winner outside of North America will need to cover additional shipping costs beyond the $30 estimated North American shipping. Round will last for until it is at 100%.

Winner will have the option to have the box shipped after Blizzcon, where I will try to obtain more signatures.

I will use to draw the winner. There is no limit to how many donations each person can give. Shipping Worldwide(additional shipping costs may be needed! For a list of previous draws and winners, please go HERE.

Good Luck Everyone & Thank You for Your Support In Advance!

Straight up donations:

If you would prefer to just donate instead of enter for the prizes, please use the Pitch In box below.

Thank you very much for your support, however it comes!

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  2. manuel says:

    I entered the raffle twice for 2 hippogyrph tickets and 2 shorestrider tickets. I don’t know what to do now. lol.

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