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Today we are announcing a new contest which has two parts. This contest is sponsored by EchoGear who have provided us with the prizes for this contest. The contest begins immediately and the first phase will run until October 1st at 12pm CDT. The second phase will run from October 1st at 8 pm CDT until November 5th at 12pm CST. This contest is open to anyone in North America and a single person can only win one phase of the contest but you can enter both.

The way you can enter is to answer our Question of the Month for each phase. The Question for the first month is “What has been your favorite quest in Battle for Azeroth so far?” and you can answer this in email to using the subject “September Question”, you can use Twitter to @allthingsaz or you can use the #QotM channel in our Discord found at

The prize for one randomly picked entry for each phase is a Dual Monitor Desk Mount to help you clean up your desk and lift up your gaming to a whole new level. The contest is limited to one entry per person, and we look forward to seeing your entries. Tune in on the episode on October 1st to hear us announce the winner and the question for the second phase of the contest. Thanks to EchoGear for sponsoring this contest!

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