All Things Azeroth #108 – Go Forth and Authenticate

Medros and Graece spend some time talking about Blizzard monetization, Noblegarden, Equipment Manager, Dual Specs, and much more.

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One Response to All Things Azeroth #108 – Go Forth and Authenticate

  1. Jenazpod says:

    Nice use of sound effects in this episode. Those were hilarious!
    The stories about people getting paid to play WoW and run a PVP guild, or sell…. I’m gonna say: real world “stuff” in exchange for stuff on WoW was interesting.
    Craigslist + World of Warcraft = OMG Strange!
    I want the Chef’s hat! I think I’d have lots of fun running around WoW wearing that. What can I say? I’m easily amused. Now, I just gotta finally get one of my characters to Dalaran.
    I, for one, like the background music in All Things Azeroth. Of course, I am a podcaster who uses background music in my Inside My Head podcast, so, perhaps I am a bit biased about background music. Still like it, though. 🙂

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