All Things Azeroth #56 – The Blizzcon Without the Bang

Medros and new co host Graece discuss reaction to the Blizzcon opening ceremony and look at what the rest of Blizzcon has in store, recorded Live.

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7 Responses to All Things Azeroth #56 – The Blizzcon Without the Bang

  1. Crusard says:

    I had a blast Medros and was honored to be there. That was my first time being a part of the process and I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into doing one of these broadcasts. Can’t wait for 57!

  2. All Said and Done

    So we now have Blizzcon finished for another year. You may have heard my reactions to the opening ceremony on All Things Azeroth #56, there is a lot more yet to come. Graece and I will be recording the post…

  3. Xantar says:

    Well Medros, the ignorance of most of your statements in this podcast. BlizzCon might not have had a gigantic announcement. That was at WWI. the Diablo 3 Class announcement was pretty significant. the bigger deal was the playable demo of Diablo 3.
    The announcement that Starcraft 2 will be split into 3 full size games, breaking each campaign into a 24-30 level long game is pretty big.
    A final note about the Con, is that it is exactly that. A Convention a celebration of Blizzard and a chance to play the new stuff months or years before everyone else. And remember the complaining that occurred when there was no BlizzCon 06.
    Now on to Lich King. They might be releasing it a little early, that is a possibility. But you have to remember that every MMO and especially WoW is a living, ever improving thing. When WoW came out it was buggyu and slow. THey had to release weather,
    BattleGrounds (which they messed up and took 6 months to create battlegroups), only 1 AUction House per faction, then they were not linked. Text Bubbles, Molten Core, Maradon, Zul’Grub, AQ, Naxx. And durring all of this they kept fixinf spells and talents. Early on Orb of Clarity never proc’d now it does all the time. At one point you could have 1 dot of each level on a target, now only 1 dot to each target. This also applied to CC.
    When BC came out it was buggy. Flying did not work properly. Every raid dungeon was nearly uncompleteable. It took a hotfix to make Gruul and Magtheridon downable. And still they had to nerf Cyclone 4 times and a dozen other spells.
    The point really being that WoW is episodic gaming like Sam & Max or Penny Arcade Adventures. What you are really buying is a ticket to Northrend and raising your lvl cap to 80. The content will be released over the life of the expansion, just like before. And for most WoW players they will never move past all the things that come at release. Naxx, Chamber of Aspects, Vault of Archavon, and The Eye of Eternity (Malygos). As much as it seems terrible it is at worst inconvenient. On the good side this as is BLizzard’s intention allows the slower raiding guilds to catch up to the fast ones. Rather that just opening up everything and having nothing to look forward to until the next expansion. A good analogy is to compare to how your mother gave you a limited amount of your Halloween candy each day instead of letting you eat it all and get sick. It allows for a long term enjoyment of the game rather than a quick burst of fun and afterwards nothing but repetition.
    I know this is a big comment but hopefully it gets the point across. Instead of being reactionary and saying that they will have less than 10 million players in a year. Realize that although it is a buisness there might be logical reasons why things are happing how they are. Not just that they are forced by Bctivision to hurry things up but that they want to give fans new things to do and and that Lich is really a 2 year experience. That the Box is not the whole game that content is going to ship every other month for some time to come.
    And if you are upset by some things being left out then you can cancel your subscription and wait it out. they do not delete your characters.
    And think to yourself, “self? did I even do SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT or Sunwell? No I spent most of my time in Kara.”

  4. Vendrahga, Misplaced lord of Shadows says:

    Good show Medros and Graece is a great addition as a co-host. So many comments to topics during the show, but I’ll refrain.;) Good job though on the blizzcon bitchfest, I agree with alot of the points here, but remember in the end when you beta (production/test build) what you see and play is often times 4+ versions behind what the current engineering build is.
    So with that said great job and looking forward to hearing more from ATA.

  5. Medros says:

    Xantar and Ven, thank you for your comments.
    Xantar, First off, the episode was recorded immediately after the opening ceremony. This invalidates most of your points about other content, since at the time of recording none of it was known. In addition, Blizzard did 4 events in 2 and a half years with big announcements at each of them, so it is not out of the realm of expectation for them to do it this year, and by all indications I am not along in this. I think this event did more to lower expectations for a Blizzard event, and likely the next Blizzcon will have a far more reasonable run on tickets than this year.
    As to your statements about Lich King. First, Blizzard is not your typical gaming company. They have made a multi billion dollar company on the basis of building a better game. If this has changed, it is due to Activision’s participation in the company. WoW original may have been buggy, but it wasn’t missing top tier skills, did not ship with class spells broken to the point of useless, and was released with, if not perfected classes, at least solid classes in their roles. Wrath will lack all of this. I never had a problem with them holding back Icecrown, Ulduar, and the unnamed dungeon. Still don’t. They said at Blizzcon ’07 that they wouldn’t be putting out Arthas until a content patch, but I do not think I am alone in the thought that we would have Arthas in 3.1, not the final patch of the Wrath cycle.
    I have no problem with gradual content. I have no issue with gradual candy too *grin*, I do have a problem with a game being released with core sections being incomplete, and when it comes to classes, that is something that *must* be done at release. It would be like releasing bullet time in Max Payne 6 months after. It would be like releasing LOTRO without elves. It would be like releasing Stargate Worlds without gates. When Blizzard has completed development on 3.1, but doesn’t have the classes squared away, this makes me concerned for the development ethos of the company. This is why I have concerns that Wrath will bring the weakening of the WoW behemoth, not the ack of Arthas until 3.3. This is why I wonder what Blizzard is thinking.
    As for the patronizing comments about the box not being the whole game, I will only say that I don’t give a damn about the whole game, I just want a working one, and Wrath as it will ship isn’t a working game at the core. The patches, the dungeons, all that is fluff. I will not cancel my subscription, nor will I stop playing, because deep inside I know, or have to think that there are some small bits of the old Blizzard still left, those who know what the core of a game like WoW is, who know what good service to your community means. Will I be proven wrong? Perhaps, but until then I will hand over $40 every 2 months for that shiny little card.
    I thank you for your comments, Xantar. I can see we are both very passionate about this game, and for good reason. I love WoW, and I love Blizzard. I just worry the effect Activision Blizzard will have on both. Take care, and I hope you stay tuned in for the upcoming episodes, because it’s only through feedback and comments that we can continue to be Your World of Warcraft Podcast!

  6. Oh yeah, this was the live show I *did* manage to get to on time. 😉
    Graece is an excellent choice of a cohost. She sounds great, and clearly knows what she is talking about. I love the way Medros and Graece “bounce off” each other. The great dynamic between the two of you really energizes the show, and I like the debate of ideas going on very much.
    I used to be a huge fan of Diablo. Played the hell out of the first game, and the expansion pack. Never got around to playing it online, because when it first hit, I was hearing all these things about it I didn’t like. (Players getting killed for being in the line of fire, with nowhere to move to… Players teaming up to kill a boss, and then killing each other off and looting their bodies for the gold they worked together to get, and the game design allowing that….) Yeah. Wasn’t interested in getting in on that.
    But, at the same time, even though I am a fan of Diablo, I do understand why people are disappointed by the way that Blizcon opening went.
    I think it will be interesting to see how everything finally shakes out with all this unfinished content. I think that if they are banning people right now for asking questions that this does not bode well. Gonna be a lot of angry people out there, methinks. Why piss people off, knowing your game ain’t quite done? Dumb move, Blizzard.
    Great show, Medros and Graece!

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